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A typical fishermen village

Grand-Gaube is a typical fishing village. Historically, this is where local fishing boats, known as pirogues, were built. You see these boats in all their glory during regattas organized by the village.

From the hotel you can walk along the beach and past the small rocky inlets that characterize the area. Strolling along the narrow streets of the village you will hear Kreol being spoken – a language rich in imagery and musicality. After a long hot day, and as the cool of the evening descends,
the villagers emerge, often gathering on the beach in front of the church. Children chase a football, zigzagging between parked cars and bicycles.

The Chinese shop is where people come to buy their toothpaste or the local newspaper or down a cold fizzy drink. Grand-Gaube is where you see creole culture at its most authentic, alive with the simple pleasures of life.

Just in front of the hotel you will find a bus stop where you catch a bus leaving for neighbouring villages. Goodlands is the first stop. Keep going further and you will come to Mapou where you can visit the Château de Labourdonnais – a stunning, beautifully restored vestige of the island’s colonial past. In its garden you can taste the rum being distilled on the grounds or wander through its mango orchards.

To do and see - Heading North of Mauritius

Veranda Paul & Virginie Hotel & Spa is located at the North-East tip of the island and so allows you to explore the area by foot or taxi or hire car, or,
if you really want to taste local colour, you could jump on a public bus. Whatever means of transport you choose, brace yourself for a new and exciting experience.

Goodlands Village

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“Chez Anjoo,” Anjoo’s place

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Historic Marine

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La Demeure Saint Antoine

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Ilot Bernaches

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Bustling Grand Baie

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    This rather large village by Mauritian standards offers a glimpse of the island’s urban living. Take in the smells of deep fried street food, a whiff of incense seeping out of a Tamil temple, the cries of the vendors at the farmers’ market, the incessant honking, the stalls selling spices, silk sarees and trinkets… Getting around is easy; just walk up and down the main road.


    One of the hotel’s staff will accompany you on foot to Anjoo’s place. The culinary voyage will take you through the island’s regional cuisine. You may watch - and take notes - the cutting, chopping, peeling, grating, crushing, frying, and baking of each dish. The ingredients, sourced locally, make for a simple, homey meal, which you will share with Anjoo at his house. Rumour has it that the Mauritian hospitality is matchless - Here’s your chance to find out if it’s true!


    Visit the island’s oldest model ship making factory. Each scale model is handmade by artisans using wood meant to last. Historic Marine is somewhat of an institution: Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve, and Gérard Depardieu have all purchased ship models here.


    La Demeure is a majestic estate on your way out of Goodlands. Originally built as the home of Edmond de Chazal on a sugarcane plantation, it later became a B&B and restaurant. The Main House, a hallmark of Mauritian colonial architecture, remains the estate’s centerpiece. You may dine, seated under the veranda, where they serve dishes inspired by local traditions. La Demeure is one of several historical colonial houses that remain standing today.


    Deep Into The Blue, Veranda Paul et Virginie’s catamaran offers day cruise to one of the most beautiful parts of the Grand Gaube lagoon, one the widest lagoon of Mauritius. Another definition of luxury! The catamaran Veranda Resorts also stops for a snorkel and rest at Ilot Bernaches whilst cruising around the mangrove, a nesting place for our marine wildlife.


    The hotel proposes a free shuttle twice a week during the day and the evening to this vibrant beach town of Grand Baie. Guests can enjoy shopping in the many souvenir and craft shops around and wander around the lively town during the day, and at night enjoy a tropical cocktail in one of the local bars, usually boasting live music. Grand Baie is celebrated for its magnificent bay, as well as for its shops, restaurants and nightlife.