• corporate social responsibility mauritius


At Veranda Resorts we want to raise sustainability awareness. Our employees are the first concerned because they are the ambassadors of our cause. Training sessions are therefore conducted regularly in order to keep them informed of the latest trends in terms of sustainable development.


Guests in our hotels also live "Deep Into Sustainability" experiences so that they are aware of the importance of preserving our environment. For example, they can embark on a mobile school ''Bis Lamer'' which offers an interactive learning experience on Mauritian marine ecosystems.


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    • Systéme d'éclairage solaire



    At Veranda Resorts we're going into "energy saving mode".

    Low-energy lighting systems and solar panels have been installed in our hotels to save energy in our lighting and take advantage of our daily sunlight to produce natural, non-polluting energy. We have also installed systems to automatically turn off the electricity as soon as the guests leave their room.

    • Préserver l'eau



    At Veranda Resorts our mission is to preserve water for saving our planet.

    Our hotel rooms are not equipped with a bathtub because to enjoy a moment of relaxation and therefore fill a bathtub to the brim you need a large volume of hot water, the equivalent of 3 to 4 showers for a single bath. We also encourage our guests to keep their towels and sheets for the duration of their stay. Within our hotels we have implemented water reduction devices in the water points and the wastewater used to water the plants is treated directly at the hotel as well as rainwater harvesting.

    • gaspillage alimentaire


    At Veranda Resorts, less waste isn't hard to do.

    Starting with the food left over from our buffets which is redistributed to families in need through our collaboration with a local NGO, Foodwise Mauritius. In 2019, nearly 800 kilos of food were redistributed in this way. All recyclable waste (paper, PET plastic containers, metals) is sent to recycling companies by our waste management company. In order to avoid the use of plastic, we bottle our water bottles in-house and in the same approach, electronic pay slips are given to our staff to reduce paper consumption. .


    At Veranda Resorts we preserve our biodiversity

    The plants in our garden, some of which endemic, are chosen for their conservation with little or no use of chemicals and are grow with natural fertilizers. We also make sure that we do not sell souvenirs from threatened or protected plant and species.


    Eco-responsible activities are also proposed by our hotels in order to sensitize our customers on the preservation of the Mauritian fauna and flora.

    • Intergration sociale



    At Veranda Resorts, we are strongly committed to the local


    Our partnership with local NGOs such as FoodWise Mauritius or Lacase Lespwar allows us to help families in need through food donations or social actions done for vulnerable people.


    Social integration is especially important to us, therefore we offer our clients experiences that them the opportunity to support local craftsmen and small businesses and to give their time to the community.


    Beach clean-up campaigns are also regularly conducted by hotel employees.

    • Achats responsables



    At Veranda Resorts, our consumption is responsible and local!


    We choose our suppliers based on their environmental and social commitment, moreover labelled and eco-friendly products are privileged during our purchasing process. Single-use plastic packaging being a scourge for the environment, we try to find alternatives with suppliers. Fruits, vegetables and other locally available furniture are offered to our customers.



    At Veranda Resorts, we put your safety first


    - Sustainable POST-COVID initiatives

    - Towards self-sufficiency provisions through partnership with fellow companies.

    - Increasing selection of locally produced goods and suppliers.

    - Providing environmentally safe protective materials to our people and guests.

    - Implementing safe disposal measures for used sanitary equipment and products.

    - Moving towards circular economy

    - Reconnect to nature through more experiences with nature driven activities.

    • Veranda Resorts hotels are Green Key certified

    Veranda Resorts hotels are Green Key certified

    On March 17 2022, all Veranda Resorts hotels received the Green Key certification, becoming the first boutique hotel brand on the island to achieve this milestone.

    The certification demonstrates the group's efforts to develop an environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible business, in line with the Now for Tomorrow sustainability program.

    Green Key is the leading sustainability certification program for the hospitality industry worldwide and this certification required dedication and determination from the teams at all Veranda Resorts hotels across the island.