A typical Foodie experience


How to discover Mauritius differently? By moving away for a moment from the turquoise lagoons. Live around one of the alleys of Port-Louis, an authentic and unique culinary experience. The trend of street food is rooted in Mauritian culture, drawing on the diversity of its inhabitants.

In an effort to offer a typical Mauritian culinary experience and support promising local start-ups, Veranda hotels partner with Taste Buddies by offering their guests street food tours of the capital.



A delicious moment of sharing around the typical flavours of our region…


Cooking is a great way to bring people from different backgrounds together. During the cooking workshops, participants discover local flavours and customs while learning how to prepare a Mauritian dish. The sharing table experience offers the opportunity for guests to immerse themselves by gathering with our hotel teams in Mauritius’ cultural and human richness. A transmission of savoir-vivre and culture in all its authenticity...

Rich in influences from around the world, the Mauritian cuisine is inspired by several origins: Indian, Chinese, Muslim or Creole. During these cooking classes, participants not only learn how to cook a dish, but also leave with the cultural knowledge of the island... and symbolically, a certificate of participation.



Singing, dancing and sharing: join our sunset ritual.


The sun slowly sets behind the horizon. Sitting on the floor, feet entrenched in the hot sand, the moment is magical. Little by little, darkness claims it’s due and gives birth to the first flames. Gazing the fire, my mind wanders, and she lies before the spectacle of wood groaning that I did not even realize the sound of percussion.

In the glow of the flames, our hearts vibrate to the sounds of the percussions resounding in the night... Conviviality, sharing, discoveries... a rich sensory and human experience that will certainly mark your life...



Crafting encounters to share our legacy. Talent is our inspiration.


At Veranda, we believe in Mauritian talent and want our guests to meet local craftmen. Opening the doors of our establishments to them means allowing them to meet Mauritian artists who will talk about their art, their inspirations and their Mauritius.

Basket-weaving is a tradition that continues among the Lapuretés. We are at the junction of Poste-de-Flacq, highly frequented by the locals. Under an old stone-built shop, at the corner of the crossroad, Jean-Marie Lapureté is at work. A piece of raffia in between his teeth, while his fingers mechanically weave the colored threads into a basket handle.

Our Magazine "La Gazette"

La Gazette by Veranda Resorts



Empty your mind, travel with us while browsing through the pages of our gazette ''Deep Into Mauritius'' and venture within the soul of our island with its wide-open arms and generous heart. Shared life stories, touching and humble, depicting a multifaceted island, a fusion of cultures, a weaving of landscapes, contrasted, vibrant and colorful. Our deep attachment for our land and the people translates here and now through these stories and smiles