Become an active member of the community…

Give some of your time to support the local community and become a committed actor in the preservation of the Mauritian ecosystem

Every holiday has a story, Live yours. Into Sustainability !

  • Bis Lamer

    Learn about our Reefs
    For adults as well as for the younger ones, the Bis Lamer is a school on wheels which travels the island to sensitize the Mauritians on the preservation of the lagoon, coral reefs and marine life in general. Take the opportunity to learn more on the subject, on the activities of the NGO and the role you can play as it stops at the hotel.

  • Soutenir la communauté

    Giving back to the community
    If responsible traveling is important to you, we would suggest that you meet up with communities in difficulties through a recognized NGO. You will be able to make a donation or help these families in various ways, according to the recommendations of the non-profit association.