Taste Mauritius and its spices…

Experience moments of sharing and conviviality while enjoying the Mauritian cuisine

Every holiday has a story, Live yours. Into flavours !

  • Street food tour with Tastebuddies

    Port Louis’ Street food

    Discover the town of Port Louis through a gourmet route with the objective of making you taste the myriad savors of Mauritian street cuisine.

  • Cooking class with Veranda Resorts

    Cooking Class

    Put on your apron and chef’s hat and meet our Chef to take part in a culinary workshop. You will learn how to prepare a traditional Mauritian dish and how to use spices to give it this unique taste specific to local recipes. Your efforts will be rewarded: Tasting time!

  • Dinner at a local house

    Dinner at a local house

    Discover the lifestyle of a local family and share pleasant moments with your hosts.

  • Tropical Coffee Break

    Tropical Coffee Break

    The coffee aficionados will love the unique spicy blend cleverly prepared by Les brûleries de La Fournaise for Veranda Resorts. Besides, you’ll be able to learn more about the art of coffee through workshops and tastings (coffee art, history of the coffee in Mauritius...).