An eco-friendly day at Veranda Tamarin Hotel

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The mythical hotel in the West of Mauritius offers, for a minimum of four nights, allocable credits against a list of experiences based on culture, biodiversity, and Mauritian cuisine.

By working in partnership with passionate partners in the region, Veranda Tamarin wishes to bring to its guests authentic and eco-friendly experiences immersed in nature and culture.

Discover some of the must-see experiences of this programme.


kayak veranda tamarin explorer program

Start your day with a magical moment; Discover a family of wild dolphins and follow them closely from the comfort of your kayak. Be ready for an exhilarating and extraordinary encounter with these playful and amazing mammals. After a moment of silence floating above the pristine waters of the west, continue your trip on the river, surrounded by mangroves before ending the morning on the beach with a well-deserved delicious breakfast.


climb le Morne Brabant Mauritius

Sports shoes on your feet, mosquito repellent packed and ready to go, the adventure has already begun! Morning hikes are the most rejuvenating and for good reason, as nature wakes up slowly with the first rays of sunshine, before the heat is at its peak. Climb Le Morne Brabant to take in the breath-taking panorama or the explore the Black River Gorges to discover the endemic fauna and flora. And why not take a moment to cool down in the pure river water snaking through the forest. For the more adventurous, an exploration of the Sept Cascades (Seven Waterfalls) is must do.


Seven Colours Spa Veranda Resorts

After so much effort, emotion, and sensory exploration, it’s time to slow down at the hotel’s Seven Colours Spa for a 75-minute Mauritian massage. The therapists will use our range of 100% natural products to nourish your skin, relax your muscles and put you in a state of intense relaxation. Seven Colours is an environmentally friendly brand that promotes local products in its treatments, including coconut, sugar cane or even banana!
*This is not part of the Explorer Programme


Get on your electric…bike.
This cultural activity promises to surprise you and not tire your legs… The guides will take you on a magnificent discovery tour in a private sanctuary where you may be lucky enough to come across herds of deer, and you can marvel at the breath-taking panoramic views.


Visit the Yemen Salt Pans and the Martello Tower.
This walking tour is an opportunity to discover the cultural sites around the hotel and to learn about the history behind these emblematic places in the West. The 19th century fortress is located facing the lagoon and the Yemen salt pans are still used for the exploitation of Mauritian salt.


Finally, there’s nothing like a sunset walk at the Case Noyale Domaine, followed by an interactive culinary experience full of flavours and colours. During this foodie escapade, you will savour local delicacies while enjoying the natural environment that surrounds you…

The Veranda Tamarin Hotel is Gold certified by The Pledge and received the Green Key sustainability certification. The hotel’s pillars of sustainability are defined by Rogers Hospitality’s programme, Now For Tomorrow. As a hospitality group, it is our duty to act daily to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. We believe that by acting together today we are building a better future for our next generations.

View Explorer programme here
Rogers Hospitality’s programme, Now For Tomorrow

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