Seascapes with Veranda Resorts

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Seascapes with Veranda Resorts

We wouldn’t be one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world if it weren’t for our lagoons, so gorgeous they seem surreal. Deep into the Blue is one of our experiences; you could say that the sea lies at the heart of what we offer. We don’t just provide you with everything you need for a great day spent in the ocean, from catamaran trips to traditional pirogue outings; we help you learn about the ecosystems essential to the lagoon’s survival. Embark on a respectful, mesmerising journey into idyllic aquamarine hues…

Deep into The Blue catamaranOur now-legendary Deep into the Blue catamaran will pick you up from the Veranda Paul et Virginie, but don’t worry if you’re not staying there – transfers will naturally be organised from any other Veranda Resorts to the hotel in question. You’ll meet other adventurers aboard and get to know our crew, who will steer the catamaran languidly towards the Grand Gaube lagoon, one of the most perfectly-preserved places in the region. You’ll spot the northern isles from afar – flat island, round island and serpent island – three mythical mounds of land that always seem to be covered in a hazy mist. Dark basalt rocks will greet you upon your arrival to îlot Bernache. The region’s quite famous in literature: it’s the place where the St Geran ship was wrecked around the coral reefs, a disaster immortalised in Bernardin de St Pierre’s Paul et Virginie. You won’t see the ship’s remains, but you will explore the islet’s mangroves, wonders in themselves: nurseries for the ocean’s fauna and flora, protectors of the marine environment, they are responsible for those incredible blue hues you swim in, and the health of all the fish that curiously come to greet you. After a traditionally Mauritian lunch – the freshest grilled seafood and the tastiest salads – the catamaran will make its way back to your hotel.

Trip in the lagoon in a traditional pirogueIf you’re looking for other exciting seascapes, ask us to organise a traditional pirogue journey for you. The pirogue is a Mauritian wooden boat, one that resembles the English cutter or the 18th century French chaloupe. It’s equipped with a small motor, but as soon as the weather’s right, the machine is turned off in favour of the boat’s glorious sails. The sight makes for a perfect postcard picture – an increasingly rare one at that, unfortunately, since pirogue craftsmen and navigators are now few to be found. Make the most of your stay and of Mauritian culture by discovering this icon of local craftmanship while it still exists, and prepare to be whisked away on an unforgettable trip across the lagoon, during the day or at sunset.

Snorkelling in the north of MauritiusFor the ultimate snorkelling adventure, tell us if you’d like to visit Reef Conservation’s Snorkelling Trail, the first of its kind in Mauritian waters. We’ll drive you to Anse la Raie, and, equipped with snorkelling equipment, you’ll be ready to set forth on an educative adventure. Glass-covered markers describe the incredible fauna and flora around you across 250 meters; watch clownfish and lionfish dance around, and take all the time you need to observe our stunning coral species – acropora florida and foliose montipora among them – as they unfurl beneath your flippers.


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