8 good reasons to try out the stand-up paddle

19th October 2015 0 comments
8 good reasons to try out the stand-up paddle in Mauritius

Sculpt your body, have fun, explore, relax, drift away with your partner or follow the latest trend… Here are 8 good reasons to begin stand-up paddle boarding as soon as possible!

1. Improve your balance

If you think you may be slightly lacking balance in your everyday life, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) will surely help you address this concern, since it requires that you stand up on a floating board against the odds of nature such as wind, waves and currents… Yes, you can do it!

2. Muscle strengthening

It is fair to say that SUP is a rather complete muscle-strengthening exercise, and you will most likely feel it from your first paddling movements. Muscles in the arms, legs, abs and back are all stimulated, and even if you are not sporty, one hour of SUP is enough to realise how efficient this sport is.

3. Yoga in a different way

You like yoga? You must have seen Web pictures of gorgeous women in the “Adho mukha savasana” or “Downward facing dog” posture floating on their SUP in the middle of a turquoise sea… Well it’s possible! It might probably be more difficult in real life but it still is possible.

4. Challenging, but fun

Have you ever tried standing on a paddle board? This might turn out to be a hilarious experience! At the first paddling movements, you might actually fall or find yourself in a funny situation. Don’t worry, you will quickly get on the board again and ask for more!

5. Drift away

Once you will find your balance, learn how to handle to paddle properly and get warmed up, you will eventually be able to glide away from the coast (but not outside the lagoon!) to take a swim in a secluded place. You can also bring along your snorkelling equipment to explore the undersea world.

6. Anti-stress therapy

Forget about sleeping pills. SUP is an effective anti-stress remedy. How come? Add to the physical exercise the soothing effect of salt water, the feeling of communion with nature and a few yoga postures for the adepts… Such a cool experience is hard to resist! You can even let yourself be gently rocked by the waves and indulge in a short nap.

7. Sunset on the sea

Thinking of SUP as an excellent opportunity for a romantic getaway? Get your paddleboard ready and take your better half on a sunset-on-the-sea tour. Alone and safe from prying eyes, you can freely and peacefully revel in the wonderful palette of the setting sun’s colours. If you do not feel like paddling for two, get two paddleboards!

8. Follow the trend

Quite obviously, SUP is THE sport a la mode. With all these celebrities pictured on their paddleboards in the people magazines, worldwide hotels offering this service and all the related pictures on Pinterest, it would be a shame not to give it a try. To do stand-up paddling in style, you may want to take some advice from the Internet.

Is stand-up paddling possible in Mauritius? Of course! Here are some useful links:

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