Why a wedding away from home?

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Have you ever dreamt of flying to the other end of the world with your loved one to celebrate your lifetime union? If you have not made up your mind yet, here are a few reasons why you should marry away from home.

1. Trim down your guest list

In some families and cultures, the wedding of a child is an occasion for parents to invite the whole extended family, relatives and friends – even those whose names the bride and groom barely know! As a courtesy, young couples often end up inviting some people only to avoid any “diplomatic incident”. Our best advice is: fly away! If you get married some 10,000 km away from home, it will certainly easier to trim down your guest list.

2. Magic in the air

Couples who are thinking about marriage often dream of a unique and magical moment. What could be more magical than an idyllic natural décor at the edge of the ocean? If you really want it to be an extraordinary day, you will need to cut off from your everyday reality. Choose to fly to the place of your wildest dreams to make a change and create lifetime memories.

3. Relax, take it easy!

All you need to do is book a flight and a hotel that offers wedding planning services. Some hotels have a dedicated wedding planner with whom you can discuss your wedding details such as flowers, themes, entertainment, dinner and more. Forget about the stressful organisation – all you will do is relax on the beach with a coconut drink and leave yourself to the hands of the hotel’s hairdresser, spa therapist and make-up artist when the time has come.

4. Save up for the future

An intimate wedding on a paradise island might cost you less than a great celebration at home. Once you have booked your flight and accommodation, you may benefit from free hotel packages for a lovely beach ceremony, that you can customise with a few extras. It will also be a delightful opportunity for you to take time off and enjoy your honeymoon. You will then be able to invest your savings in your love nest and new household. Not bad at all!

5. Quality first

What is the point of celebrating your wedding with 200 guests you will hardly have the time to greet and most of whom will certainly find something to complain about? Once you have avoided the unwanted guests, selected your dream destination, delegated the organisation of your wedding and let go of your everyday concerns, get ready to spend quality time with your closest relatives and friends. When all is said and done, it is not the size of the wedding that matters!

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