Earth Hour: Make every little thing count

18th April 2017 0 comments
Earth Hour - make every little thing count

Welcome to Earth Hour, a global movement that harnesses the power of crowds to #changeclimatechange. Over 172 countries are engaged in protecting the Planet including our tiny Rock, Mauritius! Veranda Resorts went beyond the hour-long celebration by initiating “Earth Week,” a week packed with actions that reflect its commitment to a greener world

Guests planting new trees and flowers
Hotel guests and staff came together to plant trees and flowers but also joined the local community of Grand Gaube, a quaint fishing village, for a “village clean-up,” creating real, tangible change. At the core of these initiatives in an on-going campaign that raises awareness on Climate Change.

Lights off! During “Earth Hour,” at 8:30 p.m. on March 25, guests dined by candlelight. The themed dinner focused on the 3 “R”s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. A show involving light but no electricity was put on to the delight of our guests.

Beach clean-up

Veranda Resorts continues to power the movement by taking action for change. The personnel of Veranda Paul et Virginie set up a committee that includes members of the hotel staff and villagers of Grand Gaube, “La Vi Pli Zoli” (in Creole, life is more beautiful) that takes monthly initiatives with an environmental and social impact.

Reuse of tins as flower pots

Their next project, scheduled for the end of April, is a contest that rewards the garden in Grand Gaube that is most “in bloom.” Participants should embellish their porches and gardens with flowers pots, climbing greens, trees, or reuse materials to create flower adornments to win a prize. The La Vi Pli Zoli committee endeavors to educate the youngest citizens for a greener future.

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