By Sea or Inland: Veranda Tamarin’s Experiences

17th September 2018 2 Comments
By Sea or Inland: Veranda Tamarin s Experiences

Surf’s almost up for Veranda Tamarin! The hippie-chic resort opens its doors very soon, promising dolphin-watching sunrises and take-your-breath-away sunsets. Tamarin’s always been a haven for laid-back bohemians, traipsing from the beach to town for historical sites, rampant cliffs and forests, and an authentic taste of coastal life. Here’s a short foray into all that you can do during your stay here…

Let’s start with the sea. Tamarin Bay’s been the centre for surfing life since the ‘70s, and a hotspot for all contemporary water sports today. If you want to ride the waves the way the locals did back then (and do now), sign up for some surfing lessons and/or rent a board at Cyril Thévenau’s Tamarin Bay Surf School. Rave reviewers claim that they were able to ride a wave within an hour, with no previous experience!

Veranda Tamarin’s partnership with the French UCPA sports centre allows you to practise kitesurfing, if you’re looking to surf with a twist. We know that the extreme sport can be both daunting and  incredibly gracious at first sight, but note that both the school and the UCPA cater to those who ride the wildest waves as well as those who barely tread water. The west coast has the best waves and ideal wind conditions, catering to every level of expertise – you’ll feel safe and sheltered if you choose to take it slow. ‘Sheltered’, in fact, is the perfect word to describe the river that runs to the bay: the ideal place to practise your Stand Up Paddle skills. You’ll be able to grab a SUP from the Veranda Tamarin boathouse, as well as kayaks, pedalos and actual boats that you can rent for the day. There’s perhaps nothing more idyllic, after all, than cruising down the river and into the bay on your kayak or SUP, watching the sunrise, then heading for a post-breakfast swim and dive with the dolphins. The boathouse is also where you’ll head if you want to cool off in the afternoon with a waterski session.

Things to do around Tamarin

From the boathouse you’ll also be able to pick up a bicycle and explore the town. Les Salines de Yemen lie practically next door to the resort: the salt pans make for gorgeous photos – think of mounds of sparkling white crystals on basalt rock – but are truly worth your while for their history. They are owned by the Maingard family, who are dedicated to keeping the century-old site alive. The Tamarin paludiers, or salt pan workers, have worked here for generations, transmitting the ancestral knowledge of salt-making from parent to child. After the visit, wind your way down to Black River and its heavenly gorges. Park your bike near the welcome centre, and get ready for an energetic hike that promises birdsong and panoramic views. Over rolling slopes, unpack your picnic that you picked up at Kas Dal, the grocery shop near the hotel entrance.

We’ve thought of everything, promise.


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