Why pick the Sandy Lane Village at Veranda Pointe aux Biches?

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For those who didn’t know, Veranda Pointe aux Biches houses a discrete, intimate wing, known as the Sandy Lane Village. It is here that the Privilege suites are located, among other things… Sandy Lane is the jewel of the Veranda Resorts collection of hotels.

Discover 9 good reasons to make the Sandy Lane your hideaway during your stay in Mauritius.

1. Adults only!

Adults can unwind at the secluded, serene spot within the hotel. Here, no children splashing in the pool, no tears at the restaurant or little ones running about… It is the perfect getaway to relax in, or travel to, as a couple.

2. Four-star suites

Privilege room at Veranda Pointe aux Biches

Once inside your Privilege room, fall back on the king-size bed and make the most of the amenities and services at your disposal: furnished balcony or terrace, flat-screen satellite television, Wi-Fi, Nespresso coffee machine, and iPad/iPhone station… The ultimate comfort!

You are even given a complimentary foot massage during your stay with us!

3. Cuisine to the rhythm of the seasons

Mauritian cuisine

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The Sandy Lane’s a la carte restaurant, exclusive to the Privilege suite occupants, is a culinary voyage. Seasonal, varied and comforting flavours, barbecue, seafood platters, and dishes rooted in Mauritian culture… Chef Mike, a disciple of Escoffier, has concocted a menu packed with freshness and local aromas.

4. A bar midway between the pool and the beach

Sandy Lane Bar

The Sandy Lane bar is also exclusive to the residents of the adults-only wing. It is the perfect spot to order a drink, which you can sip seated at the bar or curled up in one of the hanging rattan chairs. If you are craving an afternoon treat, opt for vanilla tea or a ristretto and delicious, warm crêpes.

5. Private swimming pool

Sandy Lane pool

You’ve surely noticed the entire Sandy Lane wing is solely for its residents’ use, and this includes the infinity pool. The overflow pool with its slate tiling, evokes an oasis at the heart of a secret garden. Whether it is to swim, sunbathe, read a good book, or sip a cocktail… anything goes when it comes to sitting by the pool all day.

6. Back to basics

The Sandy Lane’s relaxed and chic atmosphere is infectious: drop off your luggage and take off your shoes to go back to nature and experience a feeling of freedom in the hotel’s gorgeous, human-scale setting. The feeling of the hot sand under your feet and the warm water is appeasing. Now you are on holiday!

7. Tropical and modern

View from Sandy Lane

The Sandy Lane, renovated in 2015, bears a tropical, contemporary design with materials found in nature: wood, rattan, and ceramic. Various shades of blue provide the finishing touch to a style that evokes a holiday by the seaside. The Sandy Lane architecture’s rustic charm and contemporary lines blend in with the luxuriant vegetation and stretch of white sand.

8. Esplanade and ocean views

Esplanade - view on the beach

The overhanging deck is the perfect spot to dine or lunch outdoors, while gazing at the shoreline below. There are plenty of loungers and bean bags in the shade for when you feel like taking a nap. Savour a house-made drink at sunset and take in the reddish-orangey colours of the blazing sky. Only one word comes to mind: pa-ra-dise!

9. The best of both worlds

Zumba classes on the beach

What is nice about staying at the Sandy Lane Village is that you can choose between being secluded or partaking in the hotel hustle and bustle. You may also dine at the main restaurant, which serves themed buffets, sip a drink at the lively Foot Loose bar, take a dip in the big swimming pool (Aqua Zumba classes are taught here) or join the leisure team who’ve come up with quite the schedule!

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