10 great reasons to spend the end-of-year festivities with us

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10 great reasons to spend the end-of-year festivities with us

Sunshine, the Indian Ocean, tropical fruits and a mastery of the art of entertaining… Here are ten great reasons to spend the end-of-year festivities at the Veranda Resorts in Mauritius.

1. Seasonal Delicacies

Seasonal fruits

Spending the end-of-year festivities in Mauritius means you will have a chance to try the seasonal, summer fruit like lychees, mangos or even avocados. Let’s be honest: Doesn’t all fruit taste better in the summer? Besides, this year, Veranda Resorts is ringing in the New Year “Fruitilicious” style!

2. Sun Rays, Sandy Shores and Salty Sea

salty sea, sunny rays and sandy feet

There are far worse places to spend Christmas and NYE than in the warmth of the sun, 28-degree water, and hot sand… Can you imagine waking up to a view of the sea for ten days? All Veranda Resorts hotels are located on the beach: We promise you a splendid view of the Indian Ocean.

3. The Art of Entertaining

Mauritian sega

People love Mauritians for their friendliness and their flair for hosting a good party. So get dressed up, slip into those party shoes and come join the party.

4. Al fresco living

Another term for “Mauritian festivities” is al fresco. All Veranda Resorts hotels give onto swimming pools, luxuriant tropical gardens or the glimmering sea. A number of our “End-of-Year” celebrations will happen outdoors, on the beach, under a starlit sky, bare feet in the sand.

5. Fireworks

Fireworks make for mor-entertaining-than-usual festive occasions. And we Mauritians are seasoned firework-watchers. It truly is the highlight of NYE! Upon the first BANG and glimmer that lights up the sky, all partygoers wish each other a “Happy New Year.” (A lot of hugging and kissing goes on as well.) Veranda Resorts hotels’ locations on the beach make for some pretty perfect front row seats.

6. Feet (bare and sandy) under the table

Do you recall the time, effort and sweat it takes to host a Christmas party in your home? Sure it’s a happy feeling but it does mean a lot of organizing, planning, decorating… and a high pile of dirty dishes in the sink the next day. Here, you have nothing to worry about. It is simply a matter of taking a seat and going to bed when you feel like it.

7. Mandatory Summer Wardrobe

Goodbye winter coats, scarves, beanies and the endless layers you need to keep warm up in the northern hemisphere. Down south, a pair of sandals and a summery dress will do for the ladies, while men can wear a pair of shorts and espadrilles. Here’s a tip: You may want to wear your bathing suit under your outfit in case you end up in the swimming pool.

8. Showtime

Showtime at Veranda Resorts

Because it isn’t a party without good music and a spectacular show, Veranda Resorts has planned a truly amazing program for you: live music bands, a cabaret, cultural performances and even Christmas carols! Father Christmas will show up with his sack filled with toys to the delight of the little ones.

9. Mouth-watering Menu

Local dishes

Cocktail hour on the beach, a lavish buffet with festive dishes, the tastiest brunch with traditional Christmas food, a gala dinner with local dishes and yummy desserts, a barbecue poolside, a gourmet picnic under the coconut trees, and a liking for local produce… Skimping on quality and quantity? No way!

10. Starting off on the right foot

Ringing in the New Year on a faraway island is starting the year off on the right foot. You will return home rested, reinvigorated and re-energized, and ready to take on 2017.

Download the end-of-year festivities program, and book your stay in Mauritius.

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