Ten great artists of the Mauritian music scene

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10 artistes phare de la scène musicale mauricienne

From traditional sega to blues and seggae, meet ten of the greatest Mauritian music artists for a total immersion in the Mauritian art of living. Turn the music up!

1. Kaya (1960-1999)

Kaya was known throughout the Indian Ocean as the father of seggae, a fully-fledged music genre that combines reggae and local sega. This politically engaged singer used to condemn the bad sides of Mauritian society and promote unity through local hits such as “Simé la lumière”, “Ras kouyon” and “Chante l’amour“.

2. Cassiya

With Désiré François as lead singer and sega as music style, the group Cassiya became popular thanks to songs like “Séparation”, “Rev nou zancetre” and “Marlène”. Today, its lead singer still charms the audience with his voice and deeply emotional songs.

3. Eric Triton

With his unique voice and great guitar skills, Eric Triton brings together blues, jazz and sega to create his own matchless music style. Both in French and in Creole, he sings of peace among the people in “Unité”, tells about his island in “Tamarin” and defends music in “Aio Aio”, not to mention the very popular “Blues dan mwa“.

4. Menwar

Somehow eccentric in his behaviour and musical creations, Menwar is the founder of Sagaï, a form of music, where acoustic sounds and beats prevail. In 2006, he became known to the public and on the international scene with the release of his album Ay Ay Lolo under the French record label MARABI.

5. Ti Frère (1900-1992)

Known as the King of Mauritian sega, Ti Frère contributed to the popularisation of typical sega, which was long considered an indecent form of music. In 1925, he launched “Tamassa”, the first 45 rpm record in Mauritius, and became popular across the Indian Ocean in the sixties. His greatest hits include “Anita”, “Roseda” and “Papitou“.

6. Serge Lebrasse

Serge Lebrasse, a famous sega singer-songwriter, learned the ropes of traditional sega under the leadership of Ti Frère. He also contributed to the popularisation of this genre with the release of his 1958 record and his song “Madame Ezene“. His fresh and authentic style led to great success and worldwide performances.

7. Michel Legris (1932-2015)

Affectionately known as “The Captain” in reference to his successful title “Mo Capitaine“, Michel Legris crossed the boundaries of time and used bright spirit to modernise his sega style. With his distinctive straw hat and ravanne, he was very active both on the Mauritian scene and abroad.

8. Damien Elisa

Damien Elisa is a talented piano player and composer, who fascinates the public with his subtle and offbeat universe. He comes forward with very personal lyrics, oriental and african-inspired tunes and a savvy blend of jazz, sega and funk music. In 2013, he recorded his album Allright, which includes hits such as “Alala“, Gris Gris” and “Port-Louis”.

9. Zulu

Zulu first experienced success as a member of the group Blackmen Bluz and with their well-known title, “Gabriella“. After the group split, Zulu started a solo career and launched his first album Zulu, which received great success, especially with the song “Métisse” featuring singer Mario Ramsamy from the group Émile et Images.

10. Alain Ramanisum

An amazing performer and hit-machine, Alain Ramanisum is a former member of Cassiya. Since he has started a solo career, this talented singer-songwriter-composer has produced modern and wild sega songs such as the popular “Li tourner“. DJ Assad’s remixed version of this hit was actually shot at the C Beach Club.

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