Veranda Resorts’ commitment to sustainable development

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Veranda Resorts commitment to sustainability

Veranda Resorts cares deeply about protecting the planet and engaging with neighbouring communities. Here are some of our many eco-friendly initiatives!

If you’d like more meaningful holidays, head to one of Veranda Resorts’ hotels: you’ll find that our commitment to the environment is based on effective waste, water and energy management systems. LED lights (and even solar panels at certain properties, including the Veranda Paul et Virginie) allow us to save electricity; as does the system that shuts off the air conditioning when a room is empty or its doors are open.

Because water is a precious resource, sheets and towels are changed only at our guests’ request. A number of our hotels – such as Veranda Grand Baie and Veranda Palmar – also recycle wastewater to irrigate their grounds.

Our hotels use environmentally-friendly products (including paint, pool and cleaning products), and also make every effort to recycle, notably partnering with specialist waste management companies to salvage paper, cooking oil and batteries. To reduce our use of disposable plastic, our establishments offer drinking water in glass bottles, while our bars use biodegradable straws!

Raising awareness about environmental issues

Veranda Resorts is involved in a wide range of activities to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage everyone to live more sustainably. Information sessions are regularly organised at schools located near our hotels, including Veranda Pointe aux Biches and Veranda Tamarin. And because our oceans deserve to be better understood and protected, the Bis Lamer (“sea bus” in Mauritian Creole) – a kind of mobile school created by Mauritian NGO Reef Conservation – is regularly available to our guests and staff, to help them discover our maritime and coastal biodiversity and explain how to preserve it.

We also frequently organise clean-ups in the vicinity of our hotels or on the beaches in front of them. As part of the European Union’s global #EUBeachCleanup campaign, Veranda Tamarin took part in a beach clean-up organised by the European Union Delegation at Tamarin Bay on the 16th of October 2019. More than 150 kilos of waste were collected and sorted in the space of only a few hours!

The clean-up was followed by a roundtable at which representatives from the public sector, the tourism industry and local NGOs presented initiatives to fight marine pollution, protect the ocean environment and promote sustainable tourism. The participants – including representatives from the European Union Delegation, Veranda Resorts, the Mauritius Tourism Authority, local NGO We-Recycle and the Mauritius Scuba Diving Association, among others – also debated how to promote the adoption of more sustainable practices and the potential for a Charter for the Preservation of the Sea.

Reaching out to local communities

Whether it’s meeting craftspeople or sharing a meal with a local family, Veranda Resorts offers its guests a wide range of opportunities to immerse themselves in Mauritian culture.

We therefore enjoy strong ties with the communities near our hotels. Many of our establishments source fruit and vegetables directly from neighbouring suppliers and purchase seafood from local fishermen. And to avoid food waste and support the community, Veranda Palmar, Veranda Pointe aux Biches and Veranda Tamarin partner with FoodWise, a Mauritian company that redistributes surplus food in compliance with the highest standards of hygiene. Some thirty young people living in the vicinity of Veranda Palmar, pupils of a literacy school next to Veranda Pointe aux Biches as well as the residents of Leonard Cheshire in Tamarin, a non-profit organisation offering specialist care to the elderly and disabled, already benefit from this scheme.

Finally, you’ll find a Lakaz Liv (a “house of books” in Mauritian Creole) at the entrance of each of our hotels. These boxes are street libraries in which anyone can take or leave a book – a simple, free initiative thanks to which holidaymakers, our employees and local residents are able to share books!

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