• decouvrir la region palmar

Contrasting landscapes : a mirror of the island’s cultural diversity.

Consider renting a car to discover another region of Mauritius. To the North of the hotel is Roches-Noires, which as its name (“Black Rocks”) indicates, consists of volcanic rocks - molten lava - that leaked into the sea before cooling off and forming natural steps. Palmar has some of the nicest beaches around and a vast lagoon.

The East coast is known for being breezy in the winter (to the delight of kite and wind-surfers). Catamaran excursions are a great way to navigate around the smaller islands, including the popular Ile aux Cerfs and Ile aux Aigrettes, a sanctuary in the South of the island.

The East coast of the island is well preserved and full of colourful history. It’s certainly worth taking the time to explore the little villages and towns to discover a warm and hospitable island.

Off to the East!

Wander off the beaten track and delve into typical locales, and connect with local people.

Flacq village and its Hindu temple

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Bras d’Eau National Park

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Café des Arts

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Ile aux Cerfs

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Kitesurfing haven!

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Not to be missed.

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  • Flacq village and its Hindu temple

    The bustling Centre de Flacq is packed with people, markets, vendors, peculiar shops and sizzling hot street food. At the market, farmers sell their produce for a cheaper price. Nearby, the Poste de Flacq hindu temple, set on a tiny peninsula, rises above the green lagoon.

  • Bras d’Eau National Park

    The 497 hectares of dense woods make for a great trek into nature. It is a chance to discover rare species of endemic plants and exotic colorful birds. Keep your eyes open - you may stumble upon ancient ruins from the Dutch period.

  • Café des Arts

    The Café des Arts is where art meets cuisine meets heritage. The dining experience takes place amidst Maniglier artwork, old stone walls, and trinkets, where the wonderful host serves a delicious meal you will remember.

  • Ile aux Cerfs

    The tiny islet is one of the most popular destinations on the east coast. The pristine beach, mangroves and turquoise sea is exquisite. Slip on fins and a mask to explore the aquatic life.

  • Kitesurfing haven!

    Poste Lafayette boasts the perfect spot, combining all the elements for kite surf addicts : a welcoming lagoon, stunning waves, a shallow area ideal for beginners and a deeper one to experience the highest jumps. In the eastern region, there is also the Palmar kite spot, with regular wind, magnificent underwater sea life and a Kitesurf school.

  • Not to be missed.

    In Mauritius, distances are no big deal. Therefore you should not hesitate to drive down to the South-eastern region and discover Ile aux Aigrettes, Blue Bay Marine Sanctuary, National History Museum of Mahebourg, Mahebourg Waterfront and its market, the traditional biscuit factory of the Rault family, baking unique Manioc biscuit,