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By Sea or Inland: Veranda Tamarin s Experiences

By Sea or Inland: Veranda Tamarin’s Experiences

posted by VR 17th September 2018 2 Comments

Surf’s almost up for Veranda Tamarin! The hippie-chic resort opens its doors very soon, promising dolphin-watching sunrises and take-your-breath-away sunsets. Tamarin’s always been a haven for laid-back bohemians, traipsing from the beach to town for historical sites, rampant cliffs and forests, and an authentic taste of coastal life. Here’s a short foray into all that you can do during your stay here… Continue Reading

Mauritius, a kitesurfing destination!

Mauritius, a kitesurfing destination!

posted by VR 7th January 2016 0 comments

You are a kitesurf addict or keen on giving it a try? Mauritius is the perfect place for kitesurfers – beginners and veterans alike. From North to South and East to West, browse through the island’s most attractive kitesurfing spots, right now! Continue Reading