Le top 5 des plats sino-mauriciens

Top 5 Chinese Mauritian dishes

posted by VR 3rd February 2016 0 comments

Mauritius is a multicultural nation, which welcomed its first wave of Chinese immigrants at the end of the 19th century. Most of them came from the south-eastern part of China, most precisely the province of Guangdong (Canton), bringing along a fine and rich culinary heritage, which has inspired today’s Chinese Mauritian cuisine. Next is our top five list of Chinese Mauritian dishes.
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Genuine Mauritian Curry

How to cook a genuine Mauritian curry

posted by VerandaResorts 19th October 2015 0 comments

People overseas usually describe Mauritius as a rainbow nation due to its multi-ethnic population. This cultural diversity is also represented in the local cuisine, especially in the Mauritian “curry”. Here is the recipe of the GENUINE Mauritian curry by our Chef for you to try.

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