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The oceanic project coral squad: youth education for marine biodiversity

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It all started in September 2021 when Veranda Tamarin volunteered to become the “base camp” of this exciting project, organized by National Geographic in collaboration with the American Embassy. Since June 25, 2022, all Veranda hotels have embarked on this project to raise awareness among young Mauritians to protect our marine flora and fauna.

Young Mauritians passionate about the marine life

The participants of this educational program are aged between 10 and 17, who wish to learn about the coral reef ecosystem and the dangers that threaten it. These interested young people have shown interest in acquiring the skills and tools necessary to fight against the alarming reef bleaching observed in recent years in Mauritius but also around the world.

A National Geographic certified educator

Danielle Zelin is a National Geographic certified educator with 25 years of experience in education. The resources acquired through this certification are used by this passionate educator on a daily basis to educate her pupils on marine biodiversity issues. The Coral Squad is a way to raise awareness and engage young people in the fight against marine pollution.

Learning through play

This immersive, interactive, and creative training program is in line with the National Geographic Learning Framework, which encourages students to use their curiosity to explore the world around them. This program aims to contribute to the acquisition of attitudes, skills and knowledge that will give them the desire to explore in life. Through creative workshops, field trips, drawing and quizzes, children learn while having fun!

Now For Tomorrow – Preservation of biodiversity

Veranda Hotels’ support of National Geographic’s program is in line with Now for Tomorrow, the Rogers Hospitality Group’s inclusive sustainability pact. The Oceanic Project Coral Squad addresses two of the five pillars of Now for Tomorrow, including biodiversity conservation and inclusive development. Read more here

Read more about the project here

Check out Tomorrow the Race Is On, the documentary by Prashant Mohesh, Project Lead and member of National Geographic’s GenGeo community with guest appearances by Danielle Zelin and Pooja Etwah, Sustainability Coordinator of Veranda Resorts.

Testimonial of the youth

Nitya, 12 years old

“The fact that we can revive corals even after they have been bleached made the biggest impression on me. To think that all hope is not lost. This program will allow me to better understand the environmental issues that the world is facing. I will encourage young people my age to get more involved, even though small actions, for the preservation of our oceans.”

Aanya, age 14

“I signed up for this program because I am passionate about the environment. I see the consequences of pollution in Mauritius and in the world on our oceans and I wanted to better understand how to remedy it. I learned a lot about corals and the causes of their bleaching. I now feel the urgency to act for their preservation!”

Issa, age 14

“This class showed us how marine life works and why corals turn white, including the consequences of global warming, sea level rise, pollution, and changes in rainfall and cyclone cycles. What stood out to me the most was that coral reefs cover 1% of the underwater surface and corals account for one-quarter of all marine life.”

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