What to do on rainy days in Mauritius?

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What to do on rainy days in Mauritius

Though Mauritius is known for pleasant temperatures all year round, this tropical destination also has its rainy episodes. What can you do on a rainy day in Mauritius? Here are 10 suggestions.

1. Take part in the hotel’s activities

Cooking lessons in the hotel premises
Each of Veranda Resorts’ hotels has a dedicated entertainment team, which will adjust their agenda to the weather. On rainy days for instance, they would host Mauritian crafting workshops, Creole courses or cooking lessons within the hotel’s premises, as well as indoor sports and games. Your children will have so much fun at the Timomo Kids’ Club that they will not even notice the bad weather.

2. Learn about the great sugar adventure

Aventure du Sucre- old sugar mill museum
Located in Pamplemousses in the North, L’Aventure du Sucre is an old sugar mill turned into a museum. The 5,000 m2 interactive gallery tells the fantastic saga of sugar and thence, the history of Mauritius. Every visitor, from kids to sugar engineers, can benefit from its wealth of information. Besides, there are a restaurant and a well-stocked shop on site.

3. Visit a house of illusion

The Curious Corner
The Curious Corner of Chamarel: adults and kids alike will be captivated by the strangeness of this palace of optical illusion. As you walk through the house and explore different rooms, you will hardly believe your eyes! Grab your camera to take incredible pictures in the various configurations, and make sure you take a tour to the beautiful Chamarel Rum Distillery, which is close by, to taste some exceptional rum and enjoy a tasty lunch break.

4. Port-Louis Market

Port Louis Market
Port-Louis’ indoor market and its numerous fruits, vegetables, herbs, sugar and spices stalls will drag you into a world of flavours. You will be able to take nice pictures while being caught up by the lively atmosphere, the people’s coming and going, their warm hospitality, the colours and smells. At the end of your visit, stop by the “Alouda” stand to enjoy one of the most popular fresh drinks in Mauritius. Port-Louis is the capital city of Mauritius, and its market has been at the heart of local economy since the Victorian era.

Photo credit: Yora Photography

5. Take part in an exciting role play

The Dodo Quest
Picture yourself as a wrongfully convicted person, who needs to solve a mystery to escape prison… Or as a great explorer looking for a unique spice that will help Pierre Poivre establish his historical plantation… Or as an avenger on the dodo’s trail to save the bird from the clutches of a ruthless hunter… The Dodo Quest in Moka offers several fun role plays and investigations: bring along your family and friends!

6. Pamper yourself at the hotel spa

Wellness experiences at the spa
All Veranda Resorts hotels have their own Seven Colours Spa. You can use a rainy day to indulge yourself with an aromatherapy, music, candle or semi-precious massage. You may also go for a scrumptious coconut treatment including foot bath, body scrub, body and hair mask.

7. Stock up on souvenirs

The Craft Market at Caudan Waterfront
At Caudan Waterfront’s Craft Market, you will find a wide choice of souvenirs to bring home: colourful sarongs, embroidery, spices, recycled items, wooden sculptures, semi-precious stones, coconut, wood or glass carving, and various handicrafts from Mauritius, Rodrigues and Madagascar. Grand-Baie’s Bazar is a covered market, which also offers plenty of souvenirs from Mauritius and abroad, to bring back in your suitcase. Located in Grand-Baie La Croisette, the Rendez-vous is another concept store featuring local original creations and 100% Mauritian handcraft.

8. Learn about our History

The Blue Penny Museum harbours some prestigious collections, including on seafaring, Mauritius’ colonial heritage and Port-Louis in the 18th and 19th century. This museum also features a room dedicated to Mauritian postal services and Paul & Virginie’s love story, which is a masterpiece of French literature.

9. Visit local art galleries

Collection of boat models
If you like arts, you can visit several galleries in the North of the island. At Pointe aux Canonniers, you will find the Seebaluck gallery, the biggest on the island; Raphael gallery, with a collection of high-class boat models on display; Imaaya, which is both an art gallery and a shop supporting contemporary Mauritian artists; and the well-known Hélène de Senneville gallery. In Péreybère, the Galerie du Moulin Cassé – one of the most famous on the island – features Malcolm de Chazal’s paintings and Diane Henry’s photographs on permanent exhibition.

10. Travel back in time

Chateau de Labourdonnais
Eureka La Maison Créole invites you to a time travel experience in its colonial mansion, which boasts some elegant period furniture. You will also have the opportunity to taste the restaurant’s home-style cuisine, with typical Creole dishes served on the terrace. You may take advantage of a sunny spell to walk to the waterfalls, before or after your meal. In the North of the island, you can use a visit at the majestic Château de Labourdonnais to taste fine rum and fruit-based delicacies.

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