Discover our wellness brand: Seven Colours Wellness Experiences

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Discover our wellness brand Seven Colours Wellness Experiences

Each of Veranda Resorts hotels has its own Seven Colours Spa, which is open to both hotel guests and non-residents. Philosophy, consultation, treatments, spa, beauty products… All you need to know about the first wellness brand made in Mauritius is here!

… A whole philosophy

Semi precious stones
More than a cosmetic brand, Seven Colours relies on a whole concept, which revolves around the chakras and their corresponding colours. According to Eastern traditions, the seven chakras are centres of spiritual power that ensures our physical, mental and emotional balance. During the ritual, spa therapists use colour themes and lights to boost energies and stimulate other senses, such as hearing and smell. The Mauritian sense of hospitality and attention to details coupled with this wellness vision contribute to a cosy environment filled with positive vibes.

… Pre-treatment consultation

Spa cabin at Veranda Pointe Aux Biches
A key element of Seven Colours‘ concept is customisation. Every new customer is invited to a consultation, in which the energy centres that require special attention are identified. It thus helps define the customer’s individual needs and set goals to achieve through an appropriate treatment program. The type of treatment (relaxing, invigorating or other), products to use (based on the properties of 100% natural essential oils) and the room setting (lighting, music, mood fragrance) are determined during this consultation.

… A rich and diverse menu

Pedicure treatment
Seven Colours offers a rich and diverse menu, ranging from aromatherapy-based to signature massages with music, candles or semi-precious stones. Body rituals include a delicious coconut ritual with coconut milk feet bath, face and body scrubs, nourishing body mask and hair mask. All-time beauty care such as manicure, pedicure and waxing is also available. Accompanied with a parent, children from 4 to 12 can also benefit from miniature treatments…

… Distinctive features

Massage in kiosk overlooking the beach
At Veranda Grand Baie, customers can use the resting area and its vitality pool for a moment of relaxation before or after their treatment, while the Beauty Bar welcomes ladies, who are looking to make themselves pretty. At Veranda Pointe aux Biches, visitors can enjoy their treatment alone or in couple, under a kiosk overlooking the beach and the sea. At Veranda Paul et Virginie, a rainfall hydrotherapy shower induces body and mind relaxation, and open-air massages are available for couples. At Veranda Palmar Beach, you can spend some time in the sauna: it helps cleanse and tone the skin prior to treatment, while relaxing and boosting natural defences.

… Beauty products to bring home

The beauty bar at Veranda Grand Baie
Seven Colours’ products are made with 100% natural essential oils, which are powerful natural plant, flower and fruit extracts. Each oil has specific properties, which are known by the therapist and used according to the individual needs of each client. Whether relaxing, rejuvenating or balancing, essential oils stimulate senses such as touch and smell, and work both on the body and the mind. Used in the spa treatments, Seven Colours’ cosmetic line is also available for sale in our hotel spas… A nice souvenir to bring home to renew the experience.

To get a better idea of Seven Colours Wellness Experiences’ treatments, you can download the menu:

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