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Greetings Ritual at Veranda Palmar

Looking for immersive holidays, where you sense and experience the Soul of Mauritius? Veranda Resorts holds the key to meaningful experiences, embraced by its promise “Deep into Mauritius”. An awakening of the senses, triggered by a special welcome ritual, differently translated as each hotel holds its own personality. Let’s discover how special and distinctive each welcome ritual is unveiled in our 5 Veranda Resorts.

To the beat of the “Maravane” at Veranda Grand Baie

An oasis in the heart of Grand Baie

As you cross the threshold of the reception area, a smiling team dressed in tropical outfits (sets the tone for the holidays) walks towards you with a rather original percussion instrument in hand, the maravanne, whose sound is similar to that of a raft-shaped rattle. A rhythmic melody begins with each hand movement of the receptionist. Small rolling beads within the rattle produces a sound like falling rain. Welcome to our warm local vibes, breathe and relax, you can finally say: ” We are in Mauritius”.

Foot ritual at Veranda Pointe aux Biches

Welcome ritual at Veranda Pointe aux Biches

Guests staying at Veranda Pointe aux Biches choose to spend their stay barefoot, in constant contact with the fine sand that covers the hotel’s walkways. As they take off their shoes, they decide to leave their worries behind them in order to anchor themselves in the present moment. Guests are invited to dip their feet into the fountain of their choice, knowing that there are three available, one of them representing peace, the other representing love or happiness. Once this ritual is over, their holiday can finally begin!

Love is in the Air at Veranda Paul and Virginie

Veranda Resorts celebrates love in every shape and form!

By staying in this hotel, whose name is inspired by the novel written by Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, guests celebrate love with a big L. It all begins when they arrive at the hotel greeted by a couple dressed as Paul and Virginie, the celebrated lovers from the novel. A staging that gives a foretaste of a romantic holiday in this exclusive hideaway.

The detail is in the Hat at Veranda Palmar

Greetings Ritual at Veranda Palmar

From the 18th century, taking off one’s hat and folding it down in front of anyone was a form of respect. Your arrival at the hotel will be done with the same consideration, with a little tropical touch to spice up the memory! Holidays can start. Sea, sun and beach. Repeat…

Shaka is our handshake at Veranda Tamarin

As the youngest member of this large family, Veranda Tamarin, with its strong identity, is anchored in the local lifestyle so typical of the West part of the island revolving around surf, music, good vibes and magical sunsets. Dressed in a relaxed and flowery outfit, the team greets every new guest with ”shaka”, which means “ all is good”. The Tamarind juice and paste offered to guests deepens the experience and sets the tone for the warm, relaxed holidays in Mauritius.

Each hotel has its own particularity without forgetting the key word, authenticity… So, have you made your choice?

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