Top 5 ideas for a romantic moment in Mauritius

19th October 2015 0 comments
Top 5 ideas for a romantic moment in Mauritius

Are you planning for a romantic getaway? Here are 5 ways to spend a romantic day or evening with the love of your life in Mauritius.

1. Sunset on the beach

Sometimes, watching a beautiful sunset on the beach, as simple as it may seem, is enough to spend a super-romantic moment with your partner. Of course, for the best sunset scenes you need to go on the West coast. While Tamarin Bay is known for its surfing spot and unique ambience, Flic en Flac comes out as the most animated beach of the region and Albion, with its lighthouse and spectacular cliff-side view, offer the stunning impression of endless horizon. Bring a pareo or sarong for you to sit on, a cool-box with fresh drinks and some snacks, and let nature do the rest.

2. Wellness retreat at the spa

To keep the flame of love burning you need to be completely relaxed. And indeed, holidays were meant for relaxation. Spend a half-day at the hamam or sauna and indulge in a couple’s massage or a facial treatment to look radiant on your pictures. Spa resorts are found in various parts of the island. Seven Colours Wellness Experience is a local spa brand, which offers exquisite treatments using its own natural product line.

3. Boat trip to a desert island

Imagine the scorching sun, the light sea breeze brushing your face as the boat heads towards a virgin island… First, you will spend much time sunbathing and snorkelling. When sea air will make you hungry, you will satisfy your appetite with delicious food, then you will set for a walk around the island to find a cosy place to rest. This is a dream coming true! There are many reputed cruise specialists in Mauritius, including Croisières Australes which operates in many parts of the islands.

4. Adult-only hotels

Forget about baby cries and boisterous children! Mauritian adult-only hotels are growing in popularity for a simple reason: many couples come here to get married, renew their vows or spend their honeymoon in the southern hemisphere. In a word, you will take even more pleasure in your romantic break if you can dine with your partner or swim in the pool with nothing but the gentle whispers of wind as background music. Located in the North, the 3-star-plus Veranda Paul & Virginie is one of these adult-friendly hotels.

5. Deep into nature

Last idea for a romantic excursion, but not the least: a nature hike, a return to the source on a Tarzan and Jane-like adventure (or not! Just like music, the forest soothes the soul and allows for quality time in total harmony with nature and with your better half. The Black River National Park, for instance, provides for lovely nature trails across lush greenery, rivers and rest areas. Get your picnic blanket and basket ready, and do not forget your mosquito repellent!

Just like Elvis used to sing: “Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go. You have made my life complete, and I love you so.”

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