The Handy Smartphone: your holiday go-to gadget

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Your holidays go to gadget the Handy smartphone

Can you imagine a day without your smartphone? Our flashing screens have become an extra limb. You’d think that you could leave your phone behind on holiday, but they just prove to be even more crucial away from home: from getting around (thanks, Google Maps!), taking memorable selfies, or choosing a restaurant, the success of your trip depends on the weather and your phone’s battery life. We at Veranda Resorts understand all of this. We’re proud to present to you the first mobile operating system for the hospitality industry: introducing Handy!

From unlimited Internet access, to free local and international calls and informative, relevant content… these are just a few of Handy’s features. You’ll find Handy in each room across our five hotels. Its mission is to make your holiday as stress-free as possible, by providing you with practical solutions. The cherry on the cake: each Handy is personalized depending on the hotel you’re staying in… and the kind of client you are!

Unlimited internet access

Equipped with a 3G SIM card, Handy allows you to stay connected anywhere inside and outside the hotel wherever there’s 3G coverage – and there’s coverage all around Mauritius, don’t you worry. The desperate search for Wi-Fi is over! You can surf and download your favourite apps on the Play Store, just like on a regular Android OS – which means you can bring Handy with you to Instagram your kayaking trips or local bus adventures!

Free local and international calls

Who else dreads the hefty phone bill which greets you upon your return home? We know roaming costs are excessive: today, you can stay connected without paying a limb for it. Handy provides you with free and unlimited local and international calls to five destinations per hotel! All our hotels cover calls to France, the UK, and Germany; calls to Reunion, South Africa and Switzerland are also available.

Useful information

Handy isn’t just a phone: it also gives you advice on the best activities and must-see attractions throughout the island, and offers listings of restaurants, bars, and clubs. With just a tap of your finger, you’ll have access to a wealth of information that’ll make your stay truly unforgettable. Plus, Handy’s menu and settings are available in 15 different languages – French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese to name just a few! You don’t have any excuses left: get off that beach lounger and start exploring!

Emergency numbers

We mean it when we say stress-free holidays. Each Handy has a Useful Numbers section (emergency services, hotel reception, room service), ensuring efficient and swift service. With a click, you’ll be able to order a clean towel, a little treat…or call a fireman!

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