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family holidays in mauritius

Family vacation is great if there is something for everyone! It is for the kids’ (and for the parents) pleasure that Veranda Pointe aux Biches Hotel & Spa and Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel offer the services of the Timomo Kids’ Club.

Alongside a mascot inspired by an endemic bird of Mauritius, laughter and discovery are guaranteed.

Open for children from 3 to 11 years old, the clubs of Veranda Palmar and Veranda Pointe aux Biches offer daily fun and various activities for your little one’s happiness!

To accompany them during the day: a team of amazing animators are wholeheartedly involved in your children’s day. They build strong bonds with these young travelers to offer them a unique stay in which each day is full of new experiences.

And to assist them during their adventures, your kids will also be surrounded by our 7 mascots! Do you know them?

  • Timomo, The club’s mascot, this curious and playful parakeet is recognizable thanks to his emerald green color and his colorful collar.
  • Robert the starfish of Blue Bay, this lazy star prefers to spend his day buried under a rock or in the sand.
  • Nancy the bat, this animal of the dusk and the dawn has a big pet peeve: lychees
  • Dimitri the goat, this explorer is always looking for a new grass to graze!
  • Brigitte the octopus, this impressive animal from Rodrigues’ lagoon can change color at will.
  • Lulu the turtle, she likes to explore the reefs of the bay and can sleep underwater for several hours.
  • Tico the dodo, he is the last of its kind in Mauritius and hides in the depths of Bel Ombre’s forest.
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Local experiences for children in Mauritius

Located in the North and East of Mauritius, these two 3- and 4-star hotels offer local experiences within the hotel but also around the island to escape and fully experience the local culture. There’s no need to worry about children during your excursions, the Timomo clubs situated in the heart of the hotel are a safe place for them. Outdoor, your little ones can enjoy the island’s sun, with sand, greenery, umbrellas to make them feel like they’re at the beach even within the hotel, and even a secure pool at the Veranda Pointe aux Biches club!

In the heart of a deep immersion, your children will learn all about the island by discovering the local culture through a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Whether it’s in the club with coloring, art activities, games and swimming or on the beach for fishing, a sandcastle competition or some sports from here and elsewhere, your children will be full of memories!

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Family holidays in Mauritius

The club promises to take care of your kids from 9 am to 8 pm, including meals (at your convenience of course)! This way, parents will be able to spend quiet days in complete serenity, without having to worry about their children, to make the most of a relaxing stay!

At the end of the trip, they will leave with a lot of friends, a smile on their face, and a bunch of stories to tell!

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