10 things you might not know about Veranda Resorts

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11 things you might not know about Veranda Resorts

If you think you know everything about Veranda Resorts, here are a few interesting facts that might surprise you…

1. Humpback wales

Sea view at Veranda Paul & Virginie
It’s possible to observe whales off the coast, from Veranda Paul et Virginie. During the southern winter, which lasts from May to October, humpback whales migrate from the Antarctic to the temperate and tropical waters up north, where they would stay throughout winter, while the mothers nurse their calves.

2. Jennifer Wong, one of the few female Hotel Managers

Jennifer Wong - Hotel Manager at Veranda Paul et Virginie
Jennifer Wong, Veranda Paul et Virginie’s Hotel Manager, is one of the few women in Mauritius to hold such a position. With over 10 years of experience at Veranda Resorts, she has become an iconic figure, known for her keen interest in human relations.

3. The beautiful alleys of Veranda Grand-Baie

Surname of Veranda Grand Baie's regular clients in the garden
While strolling in the gardens of Veranda Grand Baie, you may notice that the alleys bear different names. They are the surnames of some of the hotel’s regular guests. The Mande or Belhomme families, for instance, never miss a chance to spend their holidays at Veranda Grand Baie.

4. More than 30 years in tourism and hospitality

the charm of island architectural style and Mauritian art of living
Veranda Grand Baie has welcomed worlwide travellers to a typically Creole experience for more than 30 years. Since its creation, the hotel has put the charm of island architectural style and Mauritian art of living in a cosy and convivial environment forward. 30 years of enduring success!

5. ‘L’île aux bijoux’ – Jewel island

Kayaking to ilôt Bijou
The “ilôt Bijou’’ meaning the Jewel island – is the name given by Veranda Pointe aux Biches staff to a tiny artificial island opposite the four-star hotel. Guests are invited to paddle to the island in a kayak, in a pedal boat or on a SUP to indulge in activities or special events, such as a romantic dinner or an outdoor massage.

6. Barefoot holidays

Barefoot holidays
As you might already know, Veranda Pointe aux Biches is known for its unique barefoot holidays concept. At the hotel entrance, before the reception area, guests are greeted by several fountains, where they are invited to wash their feet: this sets the tone for unforgettable feet-in-the-sand holidays!

7. Bring your plant day

Endemic and medicinal plants in the gardens at Veranda Pointe Aux Biches
On this year’s World Environment Day, all of Veranda Pointe aux Biches’ staff took part in the “Amenn to plant” (Bring your plant) Project, during which they planted endemic, fruit or medicinal plant species in the hotel yard. You can now take advantage of it!

8. Kitesurfing school at Veranda Palmar Beach

Kitesurfing spot in the East of Mauitius
Besides the boathouse and its complete range of equipment, Veranda Palmar Beach provides access to a kitesurfing school, where beginners can take their first courses and advanced kiters can hire the equipment they need. This school is well known for its professionalism and convivial atmosphere across the island.

9. When Veranda Resorts and nature come together

Date with natural elements
Veranda Resorts takes pleasure in the small details that make a difference. At the reception area, you will usually notice that the date is written with natural elements, such as sand, flowers, shells or filao seeds. A tradition that adds a little charm to your stay!

10. Mauritian creole

Messages in creole on the walls
True to its Deep into Mauritius promise, Veranda Resorts has greeting messages or inspirational quotes written in Mauritian Creole on the hotel’s walls. Try to figure out what they mean!

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