Culinary wonders: From Veranda’s kitchen to the streets of Port Louis

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What are the first three things that come to mind when we say Mauritius? Lagoons, mauve sunsets and exclusive beaches. But daily life in Mauritius is also full of fresh, aromatic – and we are not going to lie – spicy food. Veranda Resorts brings to its guests three offbeat culinary experiences for a deep dive into flavours.

Follow the chef

Deep into flavours cooking classes with the chef

Most of you will want to try unfamiliar flavours when exploring a new destination. But have you ever thought of mastering the skills of local cuisine? At Veranda Resorts, we believe that guests can understand and appreciate Mauritian culture through the island’s food. That’s why once a week, we invite you to get creative and learn how to cook a local dish – before tasting it, of course!

Sit in front of the chef at one of the three individually equipped cooking stations, and get the hands-on experience of preparing your first Mauritian dish. Beginners have nothing to worry about as the chef will guide them step-by-step and gladly answer any culinary question. At the end of the class, reward yourself with a freshly prepared meal while socialising with the other guests. Spoiler alert: you don’t have to do the dishes!

When you return home and miss the tropical vibes, or if you wish to share the Mauritian spirit with friends and family, you can always recreate the recipe you learned. Just remember to purchase Mauritian spices from the vibrant local markets!


Share a table

Once a week, each Veranda hotel invites you to an exciting food sharing experience. Our friendly team will set a large round table with a rotating plate overflowing with Mauritian tastes and aromas. Take part in this festive fusion of cultures, social interaction and exciting new flavours to learn more about the country’s identity and heritage!


Become a taste buddy

CNN Travel listed the capital of Mauritius among the best cities in the world for street food, and this pays tribute to Port Louis’ strong culinary tradition.

The historical fusion of Indian, Creole, French and Chinese cultures has had a profound impact on Mauritian cuisine, which is both diverse and flavoursome. To celebrate local street delicacies such as dholl puri, briani, boulettes (dumplings), mine frit (fried noodles), gato pima (chili cakes) and roti, Veranda Leisure & Hospitality has developed an exclusive partnership with Taste Buddies.

Twice a week, Taste Buddies takes Veranda Resorts’ guests on a guided street food tour in the heart of Port Louis. Follow the smell of coriander, curry leaves, and turmeric in the back streets of the capital and learn about Mauritian culture with every bite. The experienced guide will also throw light upon the city’s notable Mauritian architecture. Meet the friendly people behind the stands while they use their impressive cooking techniques to cater comfort food to impatient queues.

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