Sheer authenticity

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Sheer Authenticity

Eager to plan your next holiday in Mauritius, however the choice of a destination remains uncertain. What if we told you that with Veranda Resorts, you could experience and feel the most generous, touching and authentic immersion in the local lifestyle and culture. Would you be tempted?  

As you land in one of our resorts in Mauritius, we make sure you receive the warmest greetings straight from the hearts of our Team Members. The Welcome ritual can start, meticulously conducted every day, to kick start the most memorable tropical holiday break. Guests and Team members share the magic of this very special daily ceremony, with smiles of sheer joy and glittering eyes.  

Reception areas of Veranda Resorts Hotels

A very special atmosphere prevails here, inviting you to relish in the tropical hideaways of our “Hôtels de Charme”.  Each hideaway owns a distinctive fragrance as a sensual signature crafted with fruity and floral scents; rustic materials such as wood and thatch bring the local exotic touch, punctuated by pale coloured fabrics, capturing the natural light and blending in the island’s landscape. An invitation to awaken each of your senses…  

Veranda Resorts Hotels Mauritius unique experiences

Here, each hotel has its own personality, its typical charm. Veranda Paul & Virginie with its ”Couple only” concept is the ultimate romantic hideaway in the north of Mauritius,  and if you come with your family, let yourself  be tempted by Veranda Pointe aux Biches, with its “Barefoot bliss” concept, inviting you to take off your shoes upon arrival, and feel the sand under your feet. Veranda Grand Baie, our tropical oasis, is nestled in the heart of the bustling and vibrant beach resort of Grand Baie while the seaside paradise of Veranda Palmar caters for water sports enthusiasts. In the west, Veranda Tamarin favours local life and social encounters by blending surf, music and a sense of community. 

Cooking classes and activities at Veranda Resorts

At Veranda Resorts, simplicity is the rule. After a fruity or salty breakfast (depending on your mood) savoured with appetite, time to relax on one of the beach sunbeds already warmed by the morning sun, while others would rather admire through snorkelling the colourful and lively sea life. Tickle your taste buds with the flavour some local cuisine and spice up your holiday with the cooking classes headed by the Chef. 

Exploring Mauritius Island

The most immersive and authentic experiences is how we envision your holidays at Veranda Resorts. Our brand promise “Deep into Mauritius” already sets the tone! Get a taste of the Mauritian lifestyle, explore our island’s Nature, share stories with local craftsmen and artists, encounter the different communities…  

Welcome to Mauritius, our multi-faceted island, melting pot of cultures and traditions, contrasting, colourful and spicy. 

Welcome to Veranda Resorts!   

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