Explore Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius, through its street art

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Explore Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius, through its street art

Pull on your sneakers, sling your backpack over your shoulder and embark on the discovery of Port-Louis (the capital of Mauritius) through the works of street art created by local and international artists during the Porlwi by Light Festival. Here we go !

« Porlwi by Light is an annual festival with a cultural, touristic, educational and socioeconomic purpose. It emphasizes innovation, the Mauritian heritage and the country’s cultural wealth through creative, original performances and installations », explains the official Porlwi by Light website.

This cultural event already has two editions in its records: the first one took place on December 4th, 5th and 6th 2015, bringing together almost a third of the Mauritian population, and the second one on December 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2016, with approximately 600,000 people in attendance.

It was notably within the scope of this massive national celebration of Mauritian culture that local and international street artists took over the walls of the capital as though it were a giant canvas, leaving their imprint… indelibly.

Discovering our local talent

Zola by Estelle

Photo Credit : Jonathan Ah-Yu

On an island brimming with talent, Porlwi by Light has become the showcase of the Mauritian cultural scene, bringing to the forefront known and unknown names. Despite the fact that street art remains a new form of art in the country, one can witness a burst of colors and inspiration.

Street art - Evan Sohun

Photo Credit: @lolipop2792

Among the experienced figures, you will identify the renowned universe of Gaël Froget (at the corner of Remy Ollier and Jummah Mosque), the long naïve and colored fresco by Evan Sohun (at the corner of Edith Cavell and Mère Barthélémy), Armand Gachet’s astronaut or even Resko’s graffiti (at the corner of Bourbon and Remy Ollier).

Street art - Dévid

Photo Credit : @lolipop2792

There is no shortage of young emerging talents and they stand out with finesse, like Chloe Ip with her collage technique (at the corner of St Louis and Chevreau), RYMD’s abstract art (Rue du Quai), Dévid’s symbolic art (at the corner of Louis Victor de la Faye and Mère Barthélémy), or even Brian Lamoureux’s white on black designs (at the corner of Bourbon and Remy Ollier).

Also a must-see : EDC Banc-sy (The Waterfront), Milmvs (La Chaussée), Julia Carosin, Zola (At the corner of de Bourbon and Remy Ollier) and Kicksoz.

Port Louis’s blooming street art scene

Port Louis‘ historic walls and paved sidewalks are beginning to be splattered with colour. The presence of famed, international and local artists is putting our capital on the street art map. The urban art scene takes art to the streets, and is visible to all. Not to mention, street art is a great way to look at our city in a new light and explore its hidden spots (which may or may not hold some art).

Street Art - Seth

Photo Credit: @seth_globepainter

While there were merely four street artists in the 2015 edition – 44 Flavours (Berlin – At the corner of Bourbon and Remy Ollier), Picar (Venezuela – At the corner of Sir William Newton and Remy Ollier and at the Museum of Photography), Kid Kreol & Boogie (Reunion Island – Sir William Newton Street near the Central Market), Simon Back (Zimbabwe – At the corner of Léoville L’Homme and Sir William Newton) –that number was doubled in 2016, a testament of the growing visibility and importance of the festival.

Indeed, the second edition displayed an impressive array of international street artists, notably Quintessenz (Germany – At the corner of Edith Cavell and Chevreau) and his wall extending to several metres in height, the world-famous Seth (France – At the corner of Bourbon and Léoville L’Homme, near the St Louis Cathedral), Wenna (China – At the corner of Queen Street and Emmanuel Anquetil) and her vivacious and intriguing mural fresco, Frau Isa (Austria – At the corner of the Royal Road and Jummah Mosque) or even The Ink & Clog (Singapore – At the corner of the Royal Road and Emmanuel Anquetil).

Street Art - By Floe

Photo Credit : Jonathan Ah-Yu

Reunion Island, or « sister island » as we like to refer to it, was on board once again with Floe and her voluptuous lady (At the corner of Chevreau and St Louis), the Kid Kreol and Boogie duo (Le Grenier) and Tata Génial (near the St Louis Cathedral, a sure sign that Porlwi By Light is expanding overseas with the aim of promoting regional exchanges. And that’s great news for art!

Unearth these mural paintings with the help of My Moris :


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