Veranda Resorts’ goes Deep Into Sustainability

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Veranda Resorts goes deep into sustainability

Veranda Resorts is committed to keeping our planet as healthy and as happy as possible: it’s why we’re Deep Into Sustainability. We’re constantly on the lookout for ways in which to protect the environment and engage with the local community that live around our hotels. Two projects are particularly close to our hearts: Bis Lamer and Lakaz Liv.

We’re lucky enough to have hotels along some of the most gorgeous beaches of the island. Our staff is constantly in awe of mother nature’s bountiful gifts. We had some idea that behind the postcard-perfect picture lies a whole ecosystem – marshland, plankton, corals – but we weren’t sure about what this ecosystem was composed of, or how we could help.

Reef conservation - Bis Lamer

Enter Bis Lamer: a school on wheels which travels across the country to teach us about our marine and coastal biodiversity, and the ways in which we can preserve it. Bis Lamer literally means ‘Sea Bus’, in Mauritian Kreol. Launched in 2014, it’s an initiative of Reef Conservation Mauritius (a local NGO) and Rogers Foundation and has garnered incredible success: the bus visits schools, fishing communities, shopping malls, public beaches, and now – you guessed it – our hotels! Our staff, our staff’s children and our clients are treated to a Bis Lamer education session once a month. These sessions are for both adults and children alike, by the way: Bis Lamer is equipped with brilliant pedagogical tools to teach conservation to children, and adults can expect Bis Lamer’s staff to thoroughly reply to any questions they may have. There’s always something to learn, when it comes to our wondrous earth.

Veranda Resorts is known for its incredible array of experiences: guests don’t just enjoy the hotel’s premises, they’re engaged in local life. From fishing with local fishermen to meeting artisans, we make sure that authentic culture is at the heart of every voyager’s trip to Mauritius. Locals continuously enrich guests with their presence; so we wanted to find a way in which guests could help the local community surrounding our hotels, a way of giving back. We came up with Lakaz Liv (‘A Home for Books’): a book-box library, if you will, found at each of our hotels’ entrances. Tourists place their used books in these boxes, and local villagers borrow them. Mauritius is a place where bookshops are sparse and libraries rare; in villages and on the coast, they’re few and far between. Lakaz Liv is a simple yet beautiful way to bring the written word where it’s needed the most.

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