6 ways to travel off the beaten path with Veranda Resorts

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6 ways to travel off the beaten path with Veranda Resorts

We’re on a mission here at Veranda Resorts: we want you to discover our island in the most authentic way possible, by meeting local people and living extraordinary experiences. We’ve concocted a small selection of things you should do to discover our tizil* differently.

1. A stylish ride throughout the island in a Morris Minor

This old English car was very popular in Mauritius during the British colonial rule (50s and 60s). It was the first car bought by many locals; spotting one on the road leads to moving recollections and perhaps even a stray tear. During the day, jump in the iconic flashback ride and cruise along our spectacular coastal roads.

2. Meet local artisans


Local artisans at workFor those who want to explore local craftsmanship, you’ll be delighted to learn that we enable encounters between artisans and guests of Veranda Resorts in our hotels. Potters, model makers, basket makers, tinsmiths and other creators visit us every week and showcase their talent. You’ll also be able to support their craft by buying one of their pieces.

3. Taste Port Louisian Street Food

Street food in Port Louis with Taste Buddies

Mauritius’ multicultural heritage is enormously present in its food culture, a mix of all our influences and roots. If you want to delve deeper into our culture, head to the street food stalls! Adrien and Nicolas, two young guides passionate about their island, will take you on a tour of the best culinary addresses – and you’ll learn about the capital city in the process. Port Louis is known as one of the best street food centres in the world; after the tour, you’ll know all about our legendary dal puri, poutou and zanana konfi!

4. Take a leisurely ride on an electric bike

Electric biking

We’ve partnered up with a small, family-run and 100% Mauritian business specialised in eco-tourism: the perfect option to sustainably explore the island! The electric bike makes pedalling a breeze and accessible to everyone: riding’s an easy, friendly, relaxing experience. Discover Pamplemousses and its surroundings: while riding amidst lush nature, historical sites and old colonial homes, you’ll meet locals, relish seasonal fruit and learn about the history of sugar on the island.

5. Eat, Drink, Share

The Sharing table

Remembering those you met, laughed with and talked to… don’t those moments make up your most treasured holiday memories? We’ve crafted two experiences that were designed with those future memories in mind:

– Once a week, you’ll be able to enjoy a meal alongside other guests at our large, communal “Sharing Table”. Make sure to share your favourite haunts and laugh-out-loud anecdotes – you may just make a few friends for life.

– For a total immersive experience in Mauritian life, we’ve associated ourselves with My local tables. Discover the lifestyle of a local family and share memorable moments with your hosts. We’ll organise the reservation and transport to/from the hotel!

6. Support the Community

If responsible travelling’s a priority for you, then let us organize a visit to La Caze Lespwar. The NGO helps families living in hardship in the south of the island, and has established a real support network. You’ll meet locals living in precarious situations, and the NGO will recommend the ways in which you can make a difference.

*’small island’ in Mauritian Kreol


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