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December 2017

Porlwi by Nature : Respire. Resanti. Rekonekte

Porlwi by Nature : Respire. Resanti. Rekonekte.

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The third edition of the annual Porlwi festival of contemporary culture has begun. During five days and nights, our historical capital city was instilled with a big dose of Arts, Culture and Nature (this year’s theme!) Each year, Porlwi picks a theme that encapsulates a key element of the city’s urban regeneration. Mauritian citizens and travellers from afar come to Port Louis to discover the innumerable artistic creations, the multicolored street art, performances, sizzling street food, music and art. It is also just a chance to gather with friends and family in a city, which, on a regular day, is quiet come 5:00 p.m. Continue Reading

Quand les fetes de Noel riment avec tradition, famille et convivialite

Tis the Season for Culture, Community and Camaraderie

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December on our little island brims with exhilaration; it has the power to stir senses, bring people together and trigger euphoric emotions. Mauritians—all 1.3 million of them—no matter their culture or creed, are connected by their mutual love for the magic of this season. There’s no better time of the year to discover the idiosyncrasies of the local culture than when the street lights change colors, sleepy towns transform into vibrant spaces and exotic flavors waft through the toasty warm air. Dive deep into Mauritius’ rich history through the lens of Jeeva, Jeff, Aldo, Magalie and Melanie. Continue Reading