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November 2017

Light up your Holidays at Veranda Resorts

Light up your holidays at Veranda Resorts

posted by VR 28th November 2017 0 comments

Nobody loves the nostalgic fun of Christmas and New Year’s traditions more than us, but there’s no denying that there are some old standbys we can live without – the manic crowds in clustered shops, washing the dishes after a massive Christmas dinner… Why not ditch your winter boots and slide on your flip-flops instead? Veranda Resorts happen to be the ideal setting to celebrate the magic and wonder of the festive season – for a far-flung tropical escape. Our exciting schedule of events is guaranteed memory-makers for the whole family. Tell the kids not to fret: Santa and his reindeer will know just how to make a perfectly-timed appearance for them, even in the tropics. Continue Reading

Veranda Grand Baie marking a milestone

Marking a Milestone

posted by VR 15th November 2017 0 comments

There is something indescribably special about celebrating a milestone anniversary. Thirty-five years is no ordinary feat for an individual, and even less for a resort. Veranda Grand Baie celebrates thirty-five glorious years of consistently keeping high standards and drawing travelers seeking escapism. We kicked off the celebration with a lavish evening to honor this special anniversary, as employees and guests – in unison – danced, sang and laughed the night away. But beyond the festivities, the get-together marked a solemn occasion to take a trip down memory lane; to pause and look back on a wonderful journey; and above all, to reflect on how faithful we have been to our vision and ideals. Continue Reading