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September 2017

Our top blogging couple

Our top blogging couple

posted by VR 14th September 2017 0 comments

The recent months were quite intensive for us at Veranda Resorts. Whilst we were busy renovating the Veranda Paul & Virginie, we were also creatively engaged in finding new experiences to transform this adults-only hotel into a couples-only hideaway . We then launched a couple blogger search online to find THE couple that we would fly to Mauritius to experiment this cocoon for 8 days and tell the internet about it. Continue Reading


How We Name Places

posted by VR 11th September 2017 0 comments

Names are a funny thing. All humans no matter their culture are attributed at least one name. There are the one-word-wonders, the designer names you can’t pronounce, names with triple alliteration that keep their owners from going to Starbucks because the whole cup-name thing is simply too vexing. There are babies named after Game of Thrones characters (Arya is a popular one), Instagram names (everyone seems to care the most about those) and cities whose names have changed over the course of history. Street names and names of cities are repeatedly named after political figures, activists, visionaries, the wildly famous, trees, birds, landmarks or the topography of the place. Names of towns, designate, more often than not, a sense of place. Continue Reading